“The Brief” is a weekly newsletter to help you stay informed in and around Australia’s real estate industry. Tony Rowe from mrt.wpengine.com has given us a “play” on the word ‘brief ‘which could also be a blueprint for your success in real estate.

BRIEF = Better, Real, Informed, Energetic, Focussed!

B – be Better at whatever it is you set out to do; avoid the rut; mix it up; enjoy it! It’s all about you getting so good at what you do, that you are continually looking for ways to keep doing it better and better. That means, like an elite sportsperson, that you are ever-vigilant for the next opportunity, the next game, the next win; you are constantly striving to improve your skill set, overcome the weaknesses through practice and training, hone the skills that set you apart from your opposition. It’s about being able to recognise areas for improvement and doing what has to be done to make sure those skills are enhanced – that may mean a training program, a coach or mentor; it might just require an honest self-assessment that something can be done better next time; knowing what that something is, and how you can achieve that; and having the commitment to do it!

R – be Real, authentic, honest – if your goal is to build a long term relationship with your clients and develop an ongoing business in a particular area/industry then you need to be real. Trying to be anything other than that is going to get you nowhere. Everyone can see/touch/smell dishonesty pretty quickly, and in this industry, that is not good for anyone planning on being in the game long term. Be real with appraisals, marketing, services, and contacts with clients – if you say you will/can, then you need to deliver on the promise. If the actions don’t match the message, you won’t be around for too long!

I – be Informed

  • know your area (it’s basic: schools, transport, facilities, services, have to be part of your local area knowledge before you start – you can’t fake it on this one!)
  • know your product (property for sale/lease; marketing packages; agency services; neighbourhood; history – any material facts)
  • know your client (find out their motivations, likes, dislikes, what will make them transact and what will prevent them from doing so. You’re about to spend a fair bit of time with them, so make sure you know who you’re getting involved with, so you can ensure you use the right strategies for a long-term, ongoing relationship!)
  • know your procedures (make your life as easy as possible in the office by knowing the procedures to be followed to ensure your every interaction is as seamless and trouble-free as possible. If all the paperwork is correct, there won’t be any issues, admin staff will love you, and so will your clients, because you know your stuff, and you do what is expected of you – the same as you expect of others)
  • know your scripts and dialogues (know them, use them, but be able to modify and adapt them for the individual – don’t sound like a machine rattling off a pre-set monologue, with no consideration of what the other party is looking for)

E – be Energetic and Enthusiastic about what you do, every single time you set out to do it! Whether it’s about the day ahead, the job you have to do (even the ones you don’t want to do but know are essential to your task success. A positive attitude is essential; planning, strategy, organisation, execution is required, and if you don’t have it, you need to get the skills and knowledge about how best to achieve it!

F – be Focussed on your task – it should be a laser focus on the particular task at hand! Whether that’s an appraisal, a call back, a cold call, listing presentation, open inspections – your focus needs to be on the task. That requires organisation, time management and, most of all, commitment to achieving the best possible outcome. Procrastination is the enemy and the outcome of the task will be compromised. Persistence is necessary until the skills and knowledge have been developed that will allow the focus that enables the desired outcome to be achieved in the most effective way, in the most time-efficient manner. That is what is going to maximise the advantage you have over your competition and that will allow you bragging rights!