A Career in Real Estate could bring you great success from both a personal satisfaction point of view, as well as financial point of view.  We’ve all seen the really successful Agents on the covers of magazines, in the papers and even on Television!  (One even married a prince, but thats a story for another day!)

Have you ever wondered why some Real Estate Agents seem to be so much more successful than others?

Here are the top 7 reasons:

  1. Successful agents consistently set themselves higher goals – once a goal has been achieved, then it’s on to the next goal (bigger & better than the last). They set about constantly adding to their database AND maintaining regular, meaningful contact with that database.
  2. Successful agents step out of their comfort zones and try different approaches. Doing things the way you’ve always done them, is guaranteed to at least get you the same result – as long as everyone else is doing things the way they’ve always done them. Successful real estate marketing, selling and management require you to be constantly looking to improve the way you do things.
  3. Successful agents are driven by achievement, not money. Money is a key motivator – and to pretend otherwise would be foolish, BUT job satisfaction has to be a more important consideration if there is to be longevity in this business. What can be more satisfying than having a reputation that says you are the one when it comes to successful sales and efficient service in the property industry in your area? You are known as the “go to” person when a solution is required. Wow! Not much advertising is required if that is the case. The money then becomes incidental!
  4. Successful agents solve problems, not place the blame – “It’s not our fault” or “Why didn’t we …” gets quickly substituted by “Let’s look at what we could have done better” and see it as a learning experience, figure out how to make it work next time, and move on to making the next client happy.”Every time I fail, I learn something.” Thomas Edison tried 1,114 times to find a filament to stay lit in a bulb. He failed 1,113 times.
  5. Successful agents undertake a risk analysis on every opportunity – they ask “What could go wrong with this situation” and then make a decision to accept that risk or not. Having made the decision to proceed, it’s onwards and upwards with the confidence and expertise necessary for a successful outcome.
  6. Successful agents have a vision of where they want to be. Athletes practice the skill of mental rehearsal – where they “see” themselves winning the race, scoring the goal, sinking the put. This visual image gives them the courage and impetus to achieve the goal they have set for themselves. Successful business people move towards the vision they have of where they want their business to be – having first created it in their mind.
  7. Successful agents consistently look for opportunities to be better than their competition by learning new things – marketing strategies; selling skills; technological developments; compliance requirements; etc.

We hope that if you are looking to give your career a boost that this list will help you in some way with the things that you should be considering.  Remember, though, it’s all up to you.  Nothing happens until you take action!!